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Updated: Jan 2013

BMW Z4 Common Problem Areas and Service Costs

Do you need to understand BMW Z4 problem areas and related costs of repair? BMW Z4 forums and owner posts [1] [2] [3] identify the following repairs and maintenance work as frequent areas of inquiry and concern. Follow the linked task descriptions for itemized 2013 cost estimates prepared specifically for the BMW Z4.

Service AreaRepair Frequency (Miles)Relative Cost
Replace Z4 Clutch70,000 - 94,000$$$$
Z4 Oil Change5,000 - 7,000$
Z4 Minor Service13,000 - 17,000$$
Z4 Major Service28,000 - 38,000$$$

BMW Z4 Maintenance and Repair Services

The links below reference 2013 cost calculators for BMW Z4 service and repair tasks. Get an INSTANT, itemized job cost breakdown for specified part quality (aftermarket, BMW OEM, etc.) and labor source (independent, authorized BMW dealer, etc.). Estimates are based on benchmark service technician productivity levels and wages in your area.

Replace Z4 Brakes
Replace Z4 Brake Pads
Replace Z4 Rotors
Z4 Disk Brake Job
Z4 Complete Brake Job
Flush Z4 Brake System
Replace Z4 Brake Pads And Rotors

Climate Control
Replace Z4 Heater Core
Replace Z4 AC Compressor
Recharge Z4 AC Compressor

Rebuild Z4 Transmission
Replace Z4 Transmission
Replace Z4 Clutch
Flush Z4 Transmission

Replace Z4 Battery
Replace Z4 Headlight
Replace Z4 Alternator
Replace Z4 Starter Motor
Replace Z4 Catalytic Converter
Replace Z4 Muffler
Replace Z4 Oxygen Sensor
Replace Z4 Exhaust System

Replace Z4 Oil Pump
Replace Z4 Head Gasket
Replace Z4 Timing Chain
Replace Z4 Radiator
Replace Z4 EGR Valve
Replace Z4 Water Pump
Replace Z4 Fuel Filter
Replace Z4 Fuel Pump
Replace Z4 Serpentine Belt
Replace Z4 Spark Plugs
Replace Z4 Thermostat
Replace Z4 Mass Air Flow Sensor
Flush Z4 Coolant System
Flush Z4 Radiator
Replace Z4 Motor Mounts
Steering and Suspension
Replace Z4 Wheel Bearing
Replace Z4 Ball Joints
Replace Z4 CV Joint
Replace Z4 Shocks
Replace Z4 Struts

Replace Z4 Key
Z4 Oil Change
Replace Z4 Tires
Replace Z4 Windshield
Replace Z4 Front Bumper
Replace Z4 Rear Bumper
Paint Z4 Body Panel
Paint Z4 Bumper Cover
Z4 Minor Service
Z4 Major Service

BMW Z4 Maintenance, Repair and Service - References

The following BMW Z4 resources were used to identify common problem areas and popular service options.

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