BMW 5 series Maintenance and Repair Cost Estimator: March 2013

Cost to Replace BMW 5 series Serpentine Belt

Cost to Replace BMW 5 series Serpentine Belt

ItemQuantityLow  High  
Labor - Replace The Bmw 5 Series Serpentine Belt
Loosen tensioner. Remove existing serpentine belt. Install new serpentine belt and adjust tensioner.
1.2 hours$98.13$110.59
Parts - Serpentine Belt
New belt with slip and noise resistant polymeric / rubber formulation that meets or exceeds SAE and JIS specifications. 3+ yr warranty.
1 belt$57.12$64.32
Disposal fees
Fees for proper handling and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of used fluids, parts, and materials.

Total cost - excluding local taxes $164.06$184.83

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Cost to Replace BMW 5 series Serpentine Belt - Notes

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