Audi TT Maintenance and Repair Cost Estimator: March 2013

Cost to Replace Audi TT Fuel Pump

Cost to Replace Audi TT Fuel Pump

ItemQuantityLow  High  
Labor - Replace The Audi Tt Fuel Pump
Drain gasoline from fuel tank. Remove fuel tank mounting connectors. Disconnect and remove fuel pump. Install and connect new fuel pump. Reattach fuel tank.
2.6 hours$212.62$239.62
Parts - Fuel Pump
New corrosion resistant, electric fuel pump. Calibrated and tested for pressure, voltage and flow volume control. Meets or exceeds AASA specifications. 12 month warranty.
1 pump$431.23$485.90
Parts - Fuel Filter
New inline fuel filter with high efficiency filter media. Rated for 35,000+ miles.
1 filter$60.28$67.92
Core Deposit - Fuel Pump
Payable only if existing unit cannot be used for rebuilding/resale.
1 pump$32.50$36.62
Disposal fees
Fees for proper handling and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of used fluids, parts, and materials.

Total cost - excluding local taxes $711.12$801.31

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Cost to Replace Audi TT Fuel Pump - Notes

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